Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fruit tart

It's time to make this dessert more often


kium said...

Hi tx,
Looks so beautiful!!!!!!!!! And healthy too.
I'm still interested in your carrot cake recipe,can post it?
Wonder why carrot cake recipe also ask for oil instead of butter,do you known why?

Rgs from Kium ( It's so hot in Singapore this 2 weeks....)

tixiu said...

Hi Kium,
I guest oil make the cake moister and lighter than butter , you can use butter but I would prefer oil, like you said it 's healthy . :)

I wish I could go to the beach there ...

Anonymous said...

Ni Hao TX and Klum ,

Wow! Banh1 fruit tart this la dep a . Sis using custard pastry cream for the base phai hong ?? Thanks, KS

Happy Mother's Day !!!

tixiu said...

yes pastry cream filling ddo KS ,
Happy Mother's Day to you too !!! :)
nhan. dduoc. 50 cai heart cua con trai cung roi` ha' ? Xiu hom nay co cai card bu. lam'
de Xiu chop hinh post HST nghe vo coi nhen :)

NguyệtThy's Kitchen said...

Hi, Xiu' ! I come to say Happy Mother's day with you, and thanks for banh' cuon's recipe at TuDo .
Men' NguyetThy

tixiu said...

hi Nguyet Thi ,
Happy Mother's Day ! you are welcome , your blog is great !

teagirl said...

Hello Tixiu.
Do you teach baking class? If you do please let me know, I would love to attend :)
Everything you make look so DELICIOUS!


tixiu said...

Ha ha teagirl ! :)