Thursday, September 13, 2007

Adventure with Sugar Art

Summer 2006 , I took The class of Sugar Art with Stephan Klein in Belfort. It took five to six hours on the train from Paris. When the train stopped at Lyon Belfort, I was very excitited. This was my first adventure with Sugar Art. The Patisserrie and Chocolate shop was right in front the train station. It was closed on Monday so I went to my hotel which was only a few blocks away.
On the next day, I met Stephan Klein. His studio was in the back of the shop. It displayed so many sugar art sculptures. They were all beautiful.

During the artistic workshop, I were trained to work with sugar for six days. I also had breakfasts and lunches with classmates and Stephan Klein. I learned how to use air brush paints, and how to blow sugar. All the lessons required practices and skills. I was passionate with sugar arts which encouraged me to be very diligent even though some of the tasks were very difficult in this class. As a result, the 6 days went by very fast. I now have a piece of sugar art sculpture. I have even dreamed of making my own sculptures !

This is my adventure with Surgar Art

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Kristy said...

Wow Hang that's amazing!!!! :)