Thursday, September 13, 2007

White Chocolate Blueberries Mousse

Coconut Chiffon Cake

Raisin Brioche


Strawberries dip

Orange Butter Cream Cake

This Anniversary's Wedding Cake is simple to make and is flavorful with Orange. I use the Grand Marnier butter cream, orange genoise sponge to prepare a simple syrup.

Adventure with Sugar Art

Summer 2006 , I took The class of Sugar Art with Stephan Klein in Belfort. It took five to six hours on the train from Paris. When the train stopped at Lyon Belfort, I was very excitited. This was my first adventure with Sugar Art. The Patisserrie and Chocolate shop was right in front the train station. It was closed on Monday so I went to my hotel which was only a few blocks away.
On the next day, I met Stephan Klein. His studio was in the back of the shop. It displayed so many sugar art sculptures. They were all beautiful.

During the artistic workshop, I were trained to work with sugar for six days. I also had breakfasts and lunches with classmates and Stephan Klein. I learned how to use air brush paints, and how to blow sugar. All the lessons required practices and skills. I was passionate with sugar arts which encouraged me to be very diligent even though some of the tasks were very difficult in this class. As a result, the 6 days went by very fast. I now have a piece of sugar art sculpture. I have even dreamed of making my own sculptures !

This is my adventure with Surgar Art

Chinese buns

Thank you for giving me this recipe my dear "Love to Cook."
This is the best Chinese buns that I've ever made, my son calls this "the pillow case bun" because, after deep frying the dough, it's inflated in a way such that the inside is empty like a pillow case. I've made this bun over and over again for my son, who loves to eat "...home made pillow case with a lot of sesame seeds on it!" I also gave this recipe to my mother, she enjoys them as much as I do. She also made a twist to this recipe and called it the "Yu Cha Kway".

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dinner roll


Focaccia, an italian flat bread, is a very popular snack and lunch in NorthernItaly. It can be plain or with toppings such as onions, olives, tomatoes orherbs. One of my favorite lunches is the sandwiched focaccia prepared with hamand fresh tomatoes, sometimes also with tuna salad. They make a deliciousmeal.

Onions topping


This Italian coffee cake, I
made only for a special occasion.
I flavored coffee syrup with Bacardi rum . For the Chocolate flower, I use the Magic flower to make it looks nice.

Spring Wedding Orchid

German Apple tarte Kuchen

A dear friend of mine who lives in Germany gave me this recipe.

This tart uses original ingredients from Germany which I don't have on hand so, I replaced the Magerquark cheese filling by the Philadelphia cream cheese, and used heavy cream instead of fresh cream.

I used Green Apples as they are sour and crunchy which balance the richness of cheese as well as made it a delicious dessert !

Mango mousse

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Summer Berries Chocolate Cake

I use the recipe from The Patisserie Pierre Herme's book, Chocolate Coolness. During the summer time I like decorate my cake with fresh berries.